Smart Sensors & Analytic Farming

Get the most out of your crops with IoT sensors without the need for celullar or WiFi coverage. Integrate real-time soil data into an analytics platform for better decision making

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What can smart farming do?

The latest technological advances allow farmers to make precise measurements and adjust their strategies to increase the effectiveness of products such as phytosanitary products or fertilizers, by using them more selectively. They can also evaluate in real time the water needs of each growing area. Greenhouses can become fully controlled places thanks to remote monitoring technology. Humidity or temperature fluctuations and even equipment failures can be detected immediately to correct them in the shortest time possible.

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AgroIQ: Remote Crop Monitoring To Make Better Decisions

We implement remote monitoring and automation solutions for agriculture. Allowing access to technology as a tool to generate value. We work with custom analytics platforms and sensors to help make effective decisions in less time.

Autonomous sensors

Sensors in the field with solar autonomy and measurement of temperature, humidity and soil PH

LoraWAN Network

LPWAN (low power WAN) transmission technology with coverage of up to 15Km. No cellular or WiFi coverage needed for the sensors

Secure Data in the Cloud

Measurements are securely stored in the cloud to provide a history of crop performance

Analytics with Artificial Intelligence

Display panel for notifications and analysis of trends and thresholds of soil and crop metrics

How does it Work?


Autonomous, with solar panel, battery and GPS; They collect soil metrics such as temperature, light, humidity and Ph. Provide a soil map with accurate information


Centralize sensor data up to 15Km. With LoraWAN no cellular coverage is needed. Connect the sensor network to the Cloud via the Internet (not included)

Cloud Analytics

Analysis of consolidated sensor information with climate, patterns and crop types Suggest irrigation or fertilizer cycles based on correlation information.

Control Panel

View and control the information on your entire crop from a computer, tablet or smartphone View irrigation heat maps for each zone in real time. Receive alerts for water or soil Ph levels.

Irrigation Control (optional)

It can control irrigation actuators manually or automatically. Analyzing soil factors can automate zone irrigation. Activation is done through the Web Control Panel.

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From $100 USD per month per hectare + initial installation charge.

Includes two sensors per Ha. with GPS and volumetric humidity probe.

*Contact us and ask about additional plans and capabilities

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